Sunday, October 5, 2008

Hitec City, Hyderabad

HITEC City stands for the Hyderabad Information Technology Engineering Consultancy City, a technology township in Hyderabad, India. The HITEC city in Hyderabad is a fine example of how fast and beautifully a city can develop if nurtured in the right way. The high potential structures coming up in Madhapur area of the 400-year-old Hyderabad city provide a classy contrast to the grand and antique monuments and palaces in the Qutub Shahi capital. It is a consummation of the vision of an information technology advocate unfolding itself in a rapid speed, akin to the architectural ambitions of Muhammad Quli Qutub Shah. The hitech structures are a two-phase acknowledgment to a technology that has concentrated the world to a global village.

The business like atmosphere of the HITEC city is in concurrence to its equally famous and charming neighbor Shilparamam, an arts and crafts village, located right next to the technological nucleus. On seeing the two co-existing harmoniously side-by-side, one is compelled to think how beautifully have the two blended into one another giving another contradicting and ironical aspect to Indian tradition. Both the HITEC city and Shilparamam are a substantiation of the chief minister Chandrababu Naidu's flair in reconciling his reverence for the old with his yearning to engrave Andhra Pradesh resolutely on the list of performers and achievers.

The base of the HITEC city is a creatively and yet efficiently constructed 10 - storied cylindrical building encircled by a cluster of grand structures raised to house IT companies, both Indian and foreign. The HITECH city has already attracted multinational software giants like IBM, Microsoft, GE Capital, Toshiba, and Oracle and Indian companies like Satyam Computers and Wipro. An earth station has come up in the township which links Hyderabad to the five continents of the world. It has now been planned to grow and develop it further and Hitec city shall go a long way in establishing India as a software hub in the world map. It is just a matter of time till that happens.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Charminar - Mosque of the four minarets

The elegant structure of the Charminar in Hyderabad is a vivid example of Cazia style of architecture comprising of granite and lime-mortar. Mohammed Quli Qutub Shah built this Islamic architectural splendor in the year 1591. Charminar is the most famous landmark of the city and most tours to Hyderabad include the Charminar as an absolute essential. It is a must see if you are visiting Hyderabad.

The wonderful monument with its four arches is so proportionately planned that when the fort is opened one could catch a glimpse of the bustling Hyderabad city as these Charminar arches were facing the most active royal ancestral streets. At each corner stands a tall minaret, which measures more than 55 meters long and also have a double balcony. The monument has the signature style of Islamic architecture.

A mosque has been built on the western side on the open roof of the Charminar fort. You need to climb an array of 149 steps to reach the top of the fort. Once there, it is easy to feel the calm of the terrace and see life bustling below. In sharp contrast to the active and energetic life in the ground floor, the peaceful solitude in the upper part of the fort is quite relaxing. You can enjoy the passionate beauty of the Hyderabad city from this elevated height. You can get a bird's eye view of the city of Hyderabad from this elevation, which is quite a spectacular sight.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Osmania University

The last Nizam of Hyderabad, Nawab Mir Osman Ali Khan founded the Osmania University. The Osmania University is the seventh oldest establishment of higher studies in India, the third oldest in Southern India and the first one to be set-up in the former princely State of Hyderabad. Throughout it's functioning of almost nine decades, the Osmania University has shown noteworthy growth and sustained an incorporated progress of all faculties. It has made commendable contributions to the academic, social, and economic improvement of not only the region but to the nation as a whole. Its alumni have distinguished themselves nationally and internationally in various spheres of life and are well-known far and wide around the world.

Osmania University has always attracted students from not only India, but also around the world. It offers one of the best MBA programmes and is among the toughest to get through. It is estimated that out of 10,000 candidates, only 60 are able to make it! The university also has attractive courses in Engineering, Arts, Science, Humanities, Information Technology, Commerce and Business among other courses such as Oriental Languages. The department of Geography and Geoinformatics has one of the best faculties in India. It is equipped with the latest laboratories and technology to keep the students updated with latest technical know-how. The Osmania University had the was awarded the five-star status by the National Accreditation and Assessment Council (NAAC) of the University Grants Commission (UGC), Government of India.

Some famous alumnus of this prestigious institution includes former Prime Minister (late) Shri. PV Narasimha Rao, Shri. Y. Venugopal Reddy (Governor, RBI), Barrister and Member of Parliament Asaduddin Owaisi, among others.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

MMTS Hyderabad

MMTS (Multi-Modal Transport System) is Hyderabad's city train service. It was flagged off on August 9, 2003, an associate of The South Central Railway (SCR), is presently running 84 services a day, covering 27 stations and connecting Secunderabad, Falaknuma and Lingampally, over the existing railway network. Around 65,000 to 70,000 commuters use MMTS everyday. There are First Class & General class compartments, and a special Ladies compartment.

Now, there is a combined pass issued by the state-owned APSRTC and MMTS. So buying a single pass will help in travelling by bus as well as the train. The first phase covers a distance of 43 km and 26 stations in both the Secunderabad-Lingampally and Hyderabad-Lingampally sections.

This is an ideal public transport for people working in and around HiTech City, Madhapur, Kondapur, Manikonda & Gachibowli.

Phone Numbers
General enquiries : 139
Reservation Enquiries : 135
Interactive Voice Responce system { IVRS} : 1331 {English} : 1332 {Telugu} : 1333 {Hindi}
For Reservation Enquiries :1345 In English , Hindi & Telugu

General-class Fares
0-10 km -Rs.3/-
10-15 km -Rs.4/-
15-20 km -Rs.6/-
20-25 km -Rs.7/-
25-30 km -Rs.8/-
30-35 km -Rs.9/-
35-40 km -Rs.10/-

For more info on MMTS train timings check out this...

Congrats Abhinav Bindra!!!

My heart felt congrats to abhinav bindra...

For making all indians proud...

You are india's pride..

Monday, June 16, 2008

Birla Mandir, Hyderabad

Industrialists Birlas have built a number of temples of architectural magnificence all over the country which, strangely, are referred to as Birla temples and not Lakshminarayan temple or Venkateswara temple. A quarter century ago, they built a temple in Hyderabad entirely in marble brought from Rajasthan and dedicated it to Lord Venkateswara, known as Balaji in the north. The temple, built on a hillock called Kala Pahad, one of the Naubat Pahad twins, lords over its equally celebrated surroundings comprising the imposing Secretariat buildings, the azure-blue waters of Hussain Sagar, the serene and halcyon Lumbini Park, the luxurious Public Gardens dominated by the Asafjahi-style Legislative Assembly complex and the Reserve Bank of India. From the highest level of the temple, the spectacle around is breath-taking, providing a view of the verdure of the city, the incessant flow of traffic on the Tank Bund, crowds thronging the administrative complexes of the government, the newly-built flyovers and the cultural hub of the city Ravindra Bharathi and the NTR Memorial.

The approach to the temple is through a lane opposite the Reserve Bank, and once you trek this small patch, you reach the foot and both sides of a meandering stairway flanked by ornate banisters. On the way are several marble statues representing the Hindu pantheon. The temple manifests a blend of South Indian, Rajasthani and Utkal temple architectures. Before you reach the sanctum, several structures beginning with the baroque canopies at the foot of the stairway, greet you. The main temple is entered through the four-tiered rajagopuram built in the garudalaya style of South Indian temples. Beyond the rajagopuram swings into presence the great Dilwara temple-style gallery dwarfing nearly every other structure by its intricately carved detail.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Cabs info, Hyderabad

Now a days you can Cabs in hyderabad at ease.

All that you need to get a cab is to call the central customer care number and should tell about your location..

Details of cabs with contact numbers are given below.

Operators offering metered taxis at Rs 10 per km:

Apple Cabs, +91-40-6599-2225/2226
C Cab, +91-40-2400-2345/+91-93-473-93474
Call Cab, +91-40-6625-1313/1414
Call Taxi, +91-40-2790-1111/1122
Cel Cabs, +91-40-2324-2526
City Cab, +91-40-2776-0000/6631-6000/6631-6001
Euro Cabs, +91-40-2351-1888/6673-8882
Fast Track, +91-40-2888-9999/2760-2760
Green Cab, +91-40-6664-4444
Hyderabad Cabs, +91-40-2330-3324/3245-5055
Metro Cab, +91-40-6610-0676/0677
Orange Cab, +91-40-6631-5555
Note :I'm not sure all of the above are reliable/prompt.

Operators offering Air conditioned metered taxis at Rs 15 per km:

Dot Cabs, +91-40-2424-2424 - They offer Toyota Innova
Easy Cabs, +91-40-4343-4343 - They offer Mahindra Renault Logan
Meru Cabs, +91-40-4422-4422 - They offer Mahindra Renault Logan and have GPS
Orange Radio Cabs, +91-40-4445-4647 - They offer Toyota Innova and Maruti Versa and Tata Indigo
Taxee!, +91-40-2790-7111/+91-99-592-2200 - They offer Toyota Innova and Toyota Corolla (at higher rate) but are unmetered and follow the odometer

The third variety of cabs are chartered type:

Air Travels, +91-40-2335-5008/2335-3099/6509-7077
MM Travels

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Call 108 in case of EMERGENCY!!

Now hyderabad people can have access to very good emergency services.

Just call 108 in case of emergency and tell the details of location
and other details...

AMBULANCE will come to save lives of people. This service is in
provided by Govt of AP, and Satyam Computer Services is the technical

Think about this:
I saw many people who don't care about ambulance, please just give
side in traffic, these services are in place just to save our lives...

The services were launched in August 2005. “Our vision is to save one million lives a year by 2009,” said EMRI CEO Venkat Changavalli

It is estimated that EMRI 108 has saved 14,000 lives since it was launched in 2005.

The Modus Operandi

The ERS operates in three stages- Sense, Reach, Care. These three phases demand the meticulous synthesis of technology, people and process.


Just call 108, the call center person will direct the nearest ambulance to any remote corner of the state."The Global Positioning System (GPS) and Global Information System (GIS) help in tracking the vehicle and sending it to its destination.


The nearest possible ambulance is sent to the site of the accident.These emergency vehicles are even modelled so as to provide maximum comfort to the patient’s relatives who are anxious and tense.

The ambulances are equipped with patient friendly equipment like detachable stretchers, wheelchairs, life-saving drugs, ventilators, IV fluids and seat belts. Mohan says, “Thirty Advanced Life Saving (ALS) Ambulances 40 Basic Life Saving (BLS) and 30 First Responders (Two-Wheelers), ALS equipped with Bird Avian Transport Ventilator and Phillips Heart Start M Rx Defibrillator are used.” The EMRI also provides two-wheeler facilities whereby trained technicians are sent to the patient’s house to give pre-hospital treatment and instructions. There are 70 such ambulances and 302 two-wheelers in operation.


Emergency medical technicians or other personnel provide pre-hospital care en route to the hospital. For medical emergencies, the patient will be transported to an appropriate facility. Trained technicians in constant co-ordination with the doctors at the call centres monitor the patient’s health and try to stabilise him before admitting him to the hospital.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Peer to Peer Communication

What's P2P?
On the Internet, peer-to-peer (referred to as P2P) is a type of transient Internet network that allows a group of computer users with the same networking program to connect with each other and directly access files from one another's hard drives. Napster and Gnutella are examples of this kind of peer-to-peer software. Major producers of content, including record companies, have shown their concern about what they consider illegal sharing of copyrighted content by suing some P2P users.

Peer-to-peer Architecture
Peer-to-peer architecture is a type of network in which each workstation has equivalent capabilities and responsibilities. This differs from client/server architectures where some computers are dedicated to serving the others. Peer-to-peer networks are generally simpler but they usually do not offer the same performance under heavy loads. The P2P network itself relies on computing power at the ends of a connection rather than from within the network itself.

P2P is often mistakenly used as a term to describe one user linking with another user to transfer information and files through the use of a common P2P client to download MP3s, videos, images, games and other software. This, however, is only one type of P2P networking. Generally, P2P networks are used for sharing files, but a P2P network can also mean Grid Computing or Instant messaging.

Types of P2P Networks
Peer-to-peer networks come in three flavors. The category classification is based on the network and application.

Collaborative Computing
Also referred to as distributed computing, it combines the idle or unused CPU processing power and/or free disk space of many computers in the network. Collaborative computing is most popular with science and biotech organizations where intense computer processing is required.
Instant Messaging
One very common form of P2P networking is Instant Messaging (IM) where software applications, such as MSN Messenger or AOL Instant Messenger, for example, allow users to chat via text messages in real-time.
Affinity Communities
Affinity communities is the group of P2P networks that is based around file-sharing and became widely known and talked about due to the public legal issues surrounding the direct file sharing group, Napster. Affinity Communities are based on users collaborating and searching other user's computers for information and files.

How Peer-to-peer File-sharing Clients Work?
Once you have downloaded and installed a P2P client, if you are connected to the Internet you can launch the utility and you are then logged into a central indexing server. This central server indexes all users who are currently online connected to the server. This server does not host any files for downloading. The P2P client will contain an area where you can search for a specific file. The utility queries the index server to find other connected users with the file you are looking for. When a match is found the central server will tell you where to find the requested file. You can then choose a result from the search query and your utility when then attempt to establish a connection with the computer hosting the file you have requested. If a successful connection is made, you will begin downloading the file. Once the file download is complete the connection will be broken.

P2P Security Concerns
Copyright Infringement
Shared Folders
Adult Content
Content Filtering
Default Closing Behavior
Default StartUp Behavior
Know about Peer 2 Peer risks and how to use safely

P2P at Work
P2P is not only popular with home users but many small business have come to rely on this cost-effective solution for sharing files with co-workers and clients. P2P promotes the ease of working together when you're not physically located in the same office. In just seconds updated files and data can be shared with peers and confidential files can be blocked for security. Additionally, companies can also block access to Internet music and video files to assist in maintaining a work-oriented P2P network. Not only does this keep the company free and clear from legal issues regarding music downloading and sharing but it also keeps the corporate bandwidth usage down.

P2P Software
Here are some peer to peer file sharing software.

Ares Galaxy
Kazaa Lite
Scour Exchange

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Peer to Peer Risks

Copyright Infringement Liability
P2P technology makes it possible to share all kinds of information. Some information is protected by copyright, which means that you generally need the copyright owner's permission before you make it available to other P2P users. Popular music, movies, games, and software are often protected by copyright.

Copyright infringement can result in significant monetary damages, fines and even criminal penalties. Some copyright owners have filed civil lawsuits against individuals that they believe unlawfully distributed large numbers of copyrighted songs.

Data Security
P2P software programs let users share information with other users around the globe. They allow users to view the contents of each others' "shared folders." If you have personal information in your shared folder, anyone else using the same P2P software has access to it. Another user could use that information to commit identity theft, or to embarrass you.
Please pay attention to the files that you place in, or download to, your shared folder. Don't put information in your shared folder that you aren't comfortable sharing with strangers.

In particular, do not put tax, medical, banking, correspondence or any other sensitive personal files in the same folder as files that are shared via your P2P software program.

Unwanted Exposure to Pornography
P2P software may give users, including children, access to pornography. Some files containing pornography may be deliberately mislabeled to attract young or otherwise unsuspecting viewers. Distributing illegal pornography is a serious crime. Users whose shared folders contain illegal pornographic material, particularly child pornography, could be subject to criminal prosecution.

Files downloaded from the Internet using applications such as Ares P2P may contain spyware that can track your online activity or control your computer. These files will typically be disguised and be undetected by average computer users. Ares P2P is a free opensource project and doesn't include any bundled spyware or adware.

Files downloaded from the Internet using applications such as Ares P2P may carry computer trojans, worms, or viruses that can potentially damage your computer or cause other harms. These files will typically be mislabeled to disguise their true purpose. .