Sunday, May 25, 2008

Call 108 in case of EMERGENCY!!

Now hyderabad people can have access to very good emergency services.

Just call 108 in case of emergency and tell the details of location
and other details...

AMBULANCE will come to save lives of people. This service is in
provided by Govt of AP, and Satyam Computer Services is the technical

Think about this:
I saw many people who don't care about ambulance, please just give
side in traffic, these services are in place just to save our lives...

The services were launched in August 2005. “Our vision is to save one million lives a year by 2009,” said EMRI CEO Venkat Changavalli

It is estimated that EMRI 108 has saved 14,000 lives since it was launched in 2005.

The Modus Operandi

The ERS operates in three stages- Sense, Reach, Care. These three phases demand the meticulous synthesis of technology, people and process.


Just call 108, the call center person will direct the nearest ambulance to any remote corner of the state."The Global Positioning System (GPS) and Global Information System (GIS) help in tracking the vehicle and sending it to its destination.


The nearest possible ambulance is sent to the site of the accident.These emergency vehicles are even modelled so as to provide maximum comfort to the patient’s relatives who are anxious and tense.

The ambulances are equipped with patient friendly equipment like detachable stretchers, wheelchairs, life-saving drugs, ventilators, IV fluids and seat belts. Mohan says, “Thirty Advanced Life Saving (ALS) Ambulances 40 Basic Life Saving (BLS) and 30 First Responders (Two-Wheelers), ALS equipped with Bird Avian Transport Ventilator and Phillips Heart Start M Rx Defibrillator are used.” The EMRI also provides two-wheeler facilities whereby trained technicians are sent to the patient’s house to give pre-hospital treatment and instructions. There are 70 such ambulances and 302 two-wheelers in operation.


Emergency medical technicians or other personnel provide pre-hospital care en route to the hospital. For medical emergencies, the patient will be transported to an appropriate facility. Trained technicians in constant co-ordination with the doctors at the call centres monitor the patient’s health and try to stabilise him before admitting him to the hospital.