Thursday, March 8, 2007

Macintosh and PCs

You know that there only two types of computers on earth.

* Macintosh
* PCs

1.Macintosh are developed by Sun Microsystems and also known as Mac for short.The Mac run only on MacOS developed by Sun Microsystems and MacOS cannot be installed on others.Mac systems are considered as the robust.Complete print media uses Mac.It was one of the first commercially successful personal computers to use a graphical user interface (GUI) and mouse instead of the then-standard command line interface.Here is picture of the Macintosh 128K, the first Macintosh computer, introduced in 1984, upgraded to a 512K "Fat Mac"

2.The others i.e PCs,Desktops,Laptops fall under the category of PCs and are all considered as IBM clones.Here is snapshot of the original IBM PC (ca. 1981)These can use any Operating System.

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