Friday, May 18, 2007

Speed up your computer



If your system is very slow(Windows) and is you need to improve your speed with out buying any hardware, here is an idea...

Check it out...


For a newer systems you might find a graphics processor generally know as Graphics card. Graphics need much CPU usage, which makes systems to run slow. Older systems don't have graphics cards, in which graphics processing in done by Micro Processor.

Here are some tips to make system fast.


1. Make sure that all the Drives on you HDD (Hard Disk) have at least 200MB of free space.

2. You can increase your virtual memory size, which increase you computing speed.

3. Remove all the graphics in Windows XP, so that burden on Micro Processor decreases.


Follow these steps to increase you Virtual Memory and disable Graphics in XP like Animation Windows when minimizing and maximizing, showing shadows for mouse pointer, etc...


1. Goto Control Panel Double click on System.

2. In that select Advanced tab.

3. Click settings in Performance.

4. In performance options, Visual Effects tab you can choose appearance and performance of Windows on this computer.

You can choose to

Adjust for best performance or

Adjust for best appearance or

If you are an advanced user you can customize you appearance and performance settings

5. In performance options, Advanced tab click on Change in Virtual Memory to change virtual memory settings. Generally Virtual Memory will be taken from only C:\( Windows Drive).

6. You can increase virtual memory by selecting a drive and give a custom size for that drive and click set.

7.Click OK OK Apply.


That's all you are done.

This will be sure increase your computer's speed.


Unknown said...

Thanks..but more ways are there..

my said...

Thanks for your information,I have set according to your explanation,may I ask you about my laptop why when my laptop stanby to long and I can't not used anymore in the small display wake up but the never wake up for along time. I have to switch of and start again.