Friday, June 15, 2007

Push2Talk Services

Push-to-talk allows people to communicate using a walkie-talkie function. The user simply selects one or several contacts, presses and holds the talk button, speaks, then releases the talk-button. There is no dialing or waiting for the other parties to pickup.

If the recipient is not immediately available, the message is stored and delivered once the user signs onto fastchat. A fastchat user can also manage several push-to-talk conversations simultaneously.

Simultaneous group conversations
fastchat allows the user to push-to-talk in a 1-to-1 or in a group conversation. The user can participate in several push-to-talk conversations simultaneously without losing any messages.

No special hardware
fastchat uses the phone's native voice capturing and playback mechanisms. Users don't have to purchase any additional hardware.fastchat runs on today's GPRS networks. Operators don't have to purchase any additional GPRS infrastructure hardware. fastmobile can host the service, eliminating all of the operator's capital expenses.

Not limited to voice
fastchat users are never locked into a modality. They don't have to reply to a voice message with another voice message. A reply can be sent in text or picture format - whatever is suitable for the given situation and conversation.
Likewise, a user can reply to a text message using push-2-talk. The user simply selects the message to reply to from the message history, presses and holds the talk key, talks, and releases. The speech is sent back to all the recipients of the original text message.

Have it all fastchat spans networks and geographical boundaries and offers the user another instant communication dimension and a means to work around limited input devices.

Push-2-talk to offline friends
fastchat users can send push-2-talk messages to friends that are offline or simply out of coverage at the time. Messages are saved in the system while the recipient is unavailable; then delivered to the recipient once he or she is available again.

Key features of fastchat

* Allows both group and one-to-one conversations
* Single user interface for seamless integration of services
* Ability to reply to messages in alternative methods (text. voice or pictures)
* Does not require special hardware or infrastructure equipment.
* Works on today's 2.5/3G networks.
* Connects users across different operators and geographical boundaries.
* Users can mix subscribers, non-subscribers and legacy mobile phone users in a single or group conversation.

These services are not yet available in india.

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