Monday, August 27, 2012

Down Town Racing, Pune : Review

Place : Downtown Racing, Kharadi, Pune.
Contact No : 9921223333

Charges : 
Karting : Rs.200/- for 5 laps.
Bungee Jump : Rs.100/- per Jump.

Nearby : Nothing, no eateries.

In short : Avoid, it has got long way to go.
Going to Downtown Racing? Consider below things.
- No drinking water.
- No proper wash rooms.
- No eateries at downtown or in 2Km radius.
- No medical kit, Zero safety.
- Not enough karts.
- Break down of karts every now and then.

Complete Review :

After a long time we planned for Go-Karting and everyone in our batch was excited.
At first we are told that there is a waiting of 1.5Hrs, as we travelled from one corner(baner) to other, we thought of waiting.
Meanwhile we were chatting, looking at surrounding, as we were in a group we didn't get bored.
Other things at downtown are "Mechanical Bull Ride" and so called "Bungee Jump".
As the wait is going on, we got 2 complimentary bungee jumps.
Here are few pics from Downtown Racing.

Pune Getaways : Downtown Racing Review
Full view of Go-Karting circuit, Click for larger Image
Pune Getaways : Downtown Racing Review
Some bikes out there

Pune Getaways : Downtown Racing Review
Mechanical Bull Ride

Pune Getaways : Downtown Racing Review
Circuit, some race

Pune Getaways : Downtown Racing Review
Bungee Jump

 After 1.5Hrs we asked them about our turn, they said its going to take time.
We were left with no other option but to wait.

It had been 2Hrs, a friend left as had some work, and when asked for the refund, for which they refused at first.
Half the enthu died, everyone got tired waiting for 2+Hrs. No eateries, no water to drink.

When we got our turn its already dark, and power failure occurred, they took time to fix.
Finally a friend of mine got his turn, as he started his kart ran out of fuel.
They are using fuel most judiciously, may be in counts of 100ml or so, if you are bad at driving, you wont be able to complete laps without refuel(remember again in 100ml).
Got refuelled(i mean that 100ml or so), again he met trouble with kart, he was asked to get out of Kart, as he got out and kart behind ran over his ankle.
Ankle is hurt and staff is least bothered , we got him out of circuit, made him sit nearby.
A guy(staff) came with First Aid box, box is almost empty, nothing other than Cotton, Dettol and Burnol.
By this time all the enthu died and we are in no mood to kart after friend got hurt, we demanded for refund, the same blah blah.. we got refund finally.

As we are waiting for our turn for Karting, we got to see few interesting things.
A bunch of Mechanical Engineering students working on their projects, quite amused see students assembling/testing/repairing vehicles, checking performance of vehicles ,etc, etc, as an IT engineer i never did anything outside, other than staring are desktop.
One more thing is a representative from Trikke India has put some bikes at show, they are similar to cycle, simple to use, look below pics.

Pune Getaways : Downtown Racing Review
Trikke Bikes India, put on display
Pune Getaways : Downtown Racing Review
Trikke Bikes India, put on display
Pune Getaways : Downtown Racing Review
Trikke Bikes India, put on display
They are nice, few run on motor, electric charged, few run the same way as Skating.

Staff :
- All the staff seems to be goons, no respect for others, they even don't know how to talk with people.
- Mechanics are working with petrol and engine, and staff people are smoking right there least bothered about safety.

Karts are in very bad condition, breaks down every now and then

Final Verdict.
No at all the worth going unless you are so despo in spite of all risks.


Unknown said...

have been 2 dis place and its awwsumm. dont know why jerks like you like to lie.

Manoranjan said...

Thanks Vilas.

I don't have to lie, have been there and my friends to have been there, it was experience of mine and friends in different instances.
If they have improved, that's great.
Will give it a try again when time permits and update here.