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National Cycling Expedition - Goa 2012

We rode through beaches, highways, villages, forests, mud roads, streams, killer slopes and plummets.
~260Kms for sheer biking pleasure. The awesome adventure trip was organized by Youth Hostels Association India.

Goa Cycling Expedition organized by YHAI is a 8 day adventure trip in state of Goa .

Below is the day wise schedule.

Day 1 : Reporting to base camp in Campal, Goa .
Day 2 : Joy ride in city.
Day 3 : Goa base camp to Assolna
Day 4 : Assolna to Netravali
Day 5 : Netravali to Dudhsagar
Day 6 : Dushsagar to Bondla
Day 7 : Bondla to Goa base camp.
Day 8 : Valedictory meet, depart.

A tour guide and a cycle mechanic were with us all the time.

Daily Schedule :
Packed Lunch
Welcome drink at destination

Day 1 - Reporting
People from different places report to base camp in Campal.
There are no much activities on this day,kind of rest, as people come from far off places.
Rucksack, blankets were given.

Base Camp in Campal, Panjim

Day 2 - Joy ride in city.
Bicycles are given to us, most are Merida Hard tail and few are Full suspension cycles.
We are required to check bicycle's condition, get it repaired for any problems.
An introduction session with all participants and few lessons on gears and cycles.
A joy ride to Dona Paulo beach in the evening.

All merida's beautifully lined up in Dona Paula

Camp leader Mithun Das, doing stunts.

Day 3 - Panjim to Assolna
Extra baggage can be submitted in base camp, better to carry minimal luggage along the ride.
We are given a pack which contains, few varieties of biscuits, frooti, chikki, chocolates.
Here starts the actual trip, everything is set for ride.

Sunrise in Dona Paula.

Dona Paula to Vasco
On the way to Vasco.

Spotted a Jelly Fish eating another fish at Vasco

Somewhere in South Goa.

Calm and Serene South Goa

Calm and Serene South Goa

South Goa...

Taking Jetty to reach Assolna Camp.

Place we rested, Assolna Football Ground.

Assolna Camp : Night stay in assolna is in Assolna football club/ground.
It has two very big rooms which can accommodate 10/12 people easily.
Food served in assolna is very good north Indian meal.

Ride : Includes biking trough city roads, ferry to vasco, calm serene south Goa beaches, ferry to assolna.

Day 4 - Assolna to Netravali

Most of the roads are smooth and covered with trees, we crossed few illegal iron ore mines dug in Goa Forest areas.
Roads are in very bad condition as trucks carrying iron ore uses same roads.Thanks to GOA Govt. for finally banning the mining, We at least escaped the heavy vehicular traffic.

Beautiful sight on the way.

Netravali Waterfalls.

Netravali Camp

Some off roding, bumpy ride.

Place we stayed, Netravali Camp.


Netravali Waterfalls,

Bubble pond near Netravali Camp.

Fish Thali

Nice goan roads :)

Ride : Smooth roads, bumpy roads, nice shades and scenic surroundings, illegal iron ore mining's.
Netravali Camp : The best camp of the whole trip is Netravali.
This is organic spice garden and farms, they grow organic vanilla, honey, spices,betel nut.
You can buy organic spices, honey, etc.

Day 5 : Netravali to Dudhsagar Camp

Most of the ride is on nice roads and 8Kms off-roding uphill to Dudhsagar Camp is awesome.
Crossing streams was first time experience and trails parallel to train tracks.

On the way to Dudhsagar

Streams to be crossed to reach Dudhsagar

Dudhsagar Camp.

Dudhsagar camp : Elevated and is in dense forest. The camp is very good with river stream close by.
View of train route from camp is scenic,nice food and river streams adds to the awesomeness.
This camp is doesn't have electricity, no mobile/camera chargers :(
Torches are put to use here.

Ride : Includes few city roads, crossing few streams, 8Km off roding uphill to dudhsagar.

Day 6 : Dudhsagar to Bondla Camp.
Ride starts with site seeing to Dudhsagar falls.
Though the water flow is less, but is no less amazing as seen in full flowing images on FB.
Nice off roding  downhill,and most city ride till bondla forest entrance.
After that off roding to Bondla camp, if you are lucky enough you can spot few elephants, hiran, and other wild animals.
Dudhsagar Falls

On the way from Dudhsagar to Bondla Camp.

Bondla Zoo

That night, we threw few roti remains and we heard few animals coming towards, we are scared like anything.We all ran inside to get torch, just to notice they are deer came to eat, was a visual treat.

Deer herd

Bondla Camp Dorms
Cycles lined-up in Bondla

Bondla Zoo

Bondla Camp : Bondla camp has got all facilities, proper beds to sleep and washrooms.
Only problem here is with monkeys.Great food accompanied along.
Ride : Nice city roads, off roding uphill in Bondla Forest.

Day 7 : Bondla to Panjim Base Camp.

This is the easy day of all, as ride is fully on nice roads.
Starts with steep 6KM down hill, needs to be very care full.
Very dangerous as one skid will hurt you.
Ride : Smooth city roads, a small jetty ride, easy of all.

Bondla Zoo

Another jetty ride

If you are interested you can have a visit to Churches in Old City.
We have been to Augustine Church, skipped Xavier's Church because of rush.

Day 8 : Valedictory Meet, depart with all sweet memories.


Note : The schedule may change, please contact concerned people/website before taking.

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