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Pune Running - Beyond Myself Marathon - Oct 2013

Last Sunday (6th Oct ), I have been to Pune Running - Beyond Myself Marathon.

"Beyond Myself" is what I want to emphasize, this is what most of us experienced.
I have been running from quite a time, i want make justice to title "Beyond Myself", so i trained hard, all I want is some improvement from the last Half Marathon.

With help of Pune Running folk's Running, Cycling, Strength Building sessions, I was able to make a good timing. A progress of 20+ mins over the last HM is good i think, irrespective of completion times.

Event :
I have run at few other Marathons, After looking other marathons I strongly believe that events like Marathon evolve, they have come a long way.

Pune Running - Beyond Myself being a inaugural event is on par with other Marathon Events which are there from quite a time. That's where experience counts, after organizing many events in Pune.

I'm very proud and happy to be a part of this event/group.And moreover the proceeds from this event are going for a noble cause, to benefit underprivileged patients of Neonatal ICU in KEM Hospital, Pune.

Perfect planning and Glitch free execution
I say, awesomest, if a word of that sort exists ;)

Generally I think twice before registering for a Marathon, considering travel and staying costs.
Here I had no choice,as its in Pune only, So I had to register and train hard.

Right from registration, every participant is kept updated about developments of event.
Be it about BIB collection, be it about pacers, be it hotel info, etc.

BIB Collection:

I was quite surprised with the way the expo was organized, there were volunteers helping participants.
Was happy to see many friends at expo who are running for first time.
Collected my BIB, met few Pune Running Folks, left for the day.

Hydrated, had a good lunch, made arrangements for race day before getting to bed.

Race Day :

Woke up fresh, had cup of milk, few dry fruits, that's it ready for the run.
Reached BMCC College (start/finish) point, volunteers helped with parking.

Everyone fresh wearing white Beyond Myself t-shirts.
It was nice to see huge crowd, that too for a event like this.

Half Marathon started sharp at 6:00, volunteers are at every corner to help participants.
Race progressed through SB road, Pashan road towards Chandini Chowk and back.

I'm not much into listening music while running, I keep talking to people whoever nearby.
Many a times, i thank along way volunteers saying "You are doing a great job".

Slope near symbiosis was easy one, progressed towards University Circle.
Traffic at University circle is managed properly, kudos to volunteers again.

Water stations and Venky's electrolyte drink located at every 2Kms.
As i progressed, didn't missed to drink water at any water station, luckily didn't get to visit aid station.

Drum Beats at Pashan Circle gave a whole new momentum for NDA climb.
At a point I stopped for few seconds, from no where came a Pune Randonneur on bicycle asking if i'm good. Elated with his friendly gesture said, i'm good  and started running.

When I was somewhere near 8K mark saw Milind Soman running bare foot in opposite direction.
Reached half mark in about 01:05Hrs, hoping to completed in 02:15.
As I progressed towards SB road, felt cramp in my right ankle, somehow managed to clock 02:23 finish.

Once I reached BMCC college, the ground is full with people cheering, clapping.
RJ Sangram, in his way announcing the winners.

Pune Randonneurs, helping hand for the event.

Sancheti Hospital aid station at BMCC College

Sancheti Hospital aid station at BMCC College

At BMCC College

RJ Sangram announcing winners

It was nice an inaugural event being executed flawless.
I thank Pune Running and Volunteers without whom the event wouldn't have been possible.
Keep Running, miles to go :)

Be informed, stay tuned:

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A Big welcome From Randonneurs Pune!!! Good write up. Cheers.