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Baneshwar Temple, Nasrapur

Baneshwar Temple, Nasrapur
Place Type: Temple / Waterfalls / Recreations for Kids [ perfect for a day trip with kids ]

Distance : Approximately 35Kms from Pune.
MSRTC has frequent bus services to Baneshwar/Nasrapur.

Best Time to visit : Anytime , Better in monsoons with waterfalls.
Exercise extreme caution in monsoons, as the water falls will be at full flow.

Baneshwar is a temple of lord shiva , located in Nasrapur.

Driving Directions:

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Temple Architecture [ From Wikipedia ]
Baneshwar temple architecture is from the medieval period. The temple was constructed in 1749 by Peshwa Nanasaheb, son of Peshwa Bajirao I.
The total cost of construction was 11,426 Rupees, 8 Aane, 6 Paise. 
The temple hosts an important bell which was captured by Chimaji Appa after defeating the Portuguese in the battle of Bassien in 1739.
The bell has the year 1683 and a Cross on it, which depicts that the bell belonged to a church and was transported as a token of victory. 
Same kind of Portuguese bells can be found at Bhimashankar Temple too.

The temple has two pond/tanks where few fish and turtles can be found.

Surroundings : 
The temple is surrounded by lush green trees, hence the name Baneshwar - God within forest.
The forest surrounding temple hosts good variety of birds,a must visit if you are a bird lover.
The scenic water falls behind the temple is one of main attractions.
The garden surrounded has kids play area, along with green trees and birds make it a perfect one day family trip.

I have been to this temple once in mid-summer, the forest and play area surrounded is as usual green.

Temple Entrance


Fish ponds inside temple.

Children play area outside temple complex.

Children play area outside temple complex.

Waterfalls behind temple

This is in mid summer, temple is lush green

Waterfalls wore a deserted look in hot summers.
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