Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Safe Guarding Computer.

If connected to Internet the main problem we face is due to virus, pop ups, malicious scripts,threats,Adware and Spyware,etc

Malicious scripts and spyware gain access over the computer and passes data sensitive information like credit cards information, bank balances,etc to third parties.

You can get rid of them by using a latest Anti Virus Program.
There are countless number of Anti Virus Programs available.

As far as I'm considered think Norton Anti Virus(NAV),Norton Internet Security(NIS) from Symantec Corporation serves us the best. Previously it used to be a free. Now it should be licensed.

NAV 2004,2005 and above should be licensed.

Though we can get many cracks for those softwares, it is better to use a licensed version of software and respect Intellectual Property Rights.

You can get Norton Anti Virus 2002 for free and you can update at an ease and use it in order to combat virus.Unlike other Anti Virus Applications, we can easily get Norton updates for Norton Anti Virus and Norton Internet Security.

Norton Internet Security doesn't allow any program to contact DNS servers without our permission.It notifies us even if Yahoo Messenger tries to access Internet.It also displays the names of viruses from which you are not protected.

You can also get Norton Internet Security (NIS) for free in INTEL MOTHER BOARD CD ROM which comes along with INTEL MOTHER BOARD.

Symantec Corporation Provides free updates.
For free updates http://www.symantec.com/downloads/index.jsp

Generally you can update you Norton software by using Live Update which requires access to Internet,we can also download virus definitions(nearly 15Mb in size) file from the above site which is a executable.

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