Saturday, April 21, 2007

Virtual Reality

Ever wondered how a new trained pilot will take control of flight(air craft) for the first time or how a new cardiologist performs a surgery??
These people are trained in simulated environments...
This technology is known as virtual reality.This is mainly programmed using VRML(Virtual Reality Modeling Language).

virtual reality
A computer simulation of a real 3-dimensional world, often supplemented by sound effects. People often associate virtual reality with a body suit and head gear that inclues an internal screen. The suit measures your boby's movements and displays them on the screen. These computerized images can be simulated in any environment making you feel like you're realy there. This is one interface, a more common use for
VR is seen in many 3D computer games.

U.S. Navy personnel using a VR parachute trainer.

What is Virtual reality???
The word virtual means imagination and reality means real.How do these go hand in hand?Its nothing but immersion into reality that too virtually.This virtual reality is mainly used in scientific and technical purposes.
For eg: A newly trained pilot cannot be given a aircraft.Because he may not do well.Thats why a pilot will be trained in a environment in which he/she can really feel as if in a real world.

Hardware used in Virtual Reality.
Display devcies play a major role in Virtual Reality.
HMD-Head Mounted Displays
Data gloves
Surround Projectors
Panoramic Projectors
Workbench Projectors
Desktop Displays

Astronaut Training
Marine Simulation
Health care education
Real estate

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