Sunday, July 29, 2007

Google to reduce history of personal searches.

Faced with critism from privacy activists and questions from the European Union,Google announced that it would cut back on how long it keeps the web search histories of users, to 18 months from 24.Search information will now be made anonymous after one year and half, the company said in a letter addressed to european union watchdog Group.

The information which gathered every time Google's Search engine is used, gives indications of searcher's tastes and interests.Google shares general information on search trends, but says that it does not release this personal information outside the company.

Analysis of log data is necessary for engineers to refine search quality to place the mopst popular results at the top and build new services the company said. One such service from Google is its spell checker, which automatically looks at a query to see if the searcher has employed the most common spelling of word

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