Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Take a "safari"!!

Apple has thrown its own browser into the PC arena,Safari the highly acclaimed internet browser that was previously available only for the MAC platform, had now been made available for windows.

The browser comes in two versions for Windows XP and Vista for the PC- onw with QuickTime bundled with it(28MB) and the other without(8MB). Both are available for free download from http://www.apple.com/safari.


Apple claims that the browser is the fastest in cyberspace when it comes to rendering HTML pages and JavaScript , and judging by my brief experience, it is no idle boast.Then there are inevitable little touches that are the hallmark of Apple design-a  scroll bar is visible only when you need it;the address bar acts as the progress bar too filling up with blue color to indicate how much of the site has been downloaded; and the smooth metallic look that makes Firefox and IE look downright dowdy.

It's still beta!!

The problem is that Safari is still in beta- a term that is used to hide a thousand vices. And the browser does its problems.It is prone to atleat one crash every three hour.Some websites also do not function completely within safari.I could not chat in GMail while using browser.

The windows version of safari is faster and sleeker than any thing in the browser bazaar today!!!

Manoranjan Reddy Mandadi

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